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Sep 30, 2010 6:00am EDT
over to devon lucie because we are getting totals in an some are impressive. >> calvert county, the worst of the rain coming in over southern maryland. flash flood warning there several roads are closed in the north beach area and flash flood has close route 17 in parts of northern virginia, spotsylvania county and near belvedere, too. log on to and we have storm reports from you. telling us four plus inches in southern maryland. click on the storm reports if you go the weather tab. submit your report and get it to our in box and keeps us updated on what is coming down where you are. >> calvert and sane mary's county, four plus inches already. the tornado watch we are talking about. it covers fairfax, prince william, points east until 1:00. we are watching the storms moving in to southern maryland. it's going to be a mild morning around here and even in to the afternoon as temperatures in the upper 70s with the heavy rainfall expected. the seven-day forecast, we will see rain and showers on the through early friday. especially east of town. friday afternoon 74. saturday 70
Sep 30, 2010 5:00am EDT
rain. and we now have some new watches. before we go there, devon, maybe we can show the storm totals we have been watching since yesterday as these rain totals are piling up. this is one of the reasons we are talking about a threat of flooding. the flood watch is in affect. and you can see the green areas. fairfax county, woodbridge, stafford. those are two to three inch storm totals. four to six inch totals across parts of southern maryland down route 4 in to calvert and st. mary's county and even six inch totals across the northern neck. back to the weather computer. if we can, i want to show you the moisture streaming in from the south. low pressure coming out of south carolina already produced upwards of 20 inches of rain in eastern north carolina. obviously flooding is going on there. this will be with us for the day. maybe lessening later in the afternoon. you can see how the moisture continues to stream north. look at those deep oranges. the deep tropical rich moisture moving north. with that and a storm tracking to this west. a tornado watch until 7 a.m. this is a short lived
Sep 30, 2010 4:30am EDT
two inches the last hour alone. moderate rain in most areas. devon lucie is joining me with a full report and the forecast when 9 news now returns. hi. i'm jim perdue. in case of everyday emergencies... guys, go get changed! ...or soccer practice, it's important to be prepared for dinner. that's why i've prepared my perdue perfect portions fresh chicken breasts. they're individually wrapped, so you can cook what you need and store what you don't. we're not playing helicopter now. ready when you are, they're trimmed of fat and consistently sized to cook in just 10 minutes. life's not perfect. that's why there's perdue perfect portions. [ male announcer ] perdue perfect portions. ready when you are. >>> republic welcome back to -- welcome back to 9 news now. this is a live look at the roads in our area. the region is under a flood watch and we will be under the watch until 9:00 tonight. howard bernstein is here. the puddles are getting deeper and deeper. >> that's nothing. nothing. there are areas. checking out the one-hour storm totals and the bands to the east, anne arundel, calver
Sep 6, 2010 7:00pm EDT
lunch overhaul removed salt from food production and lunchroom tables. >>> devon is here with your 9 future forecast first. what will it be like starting tomorrow? >> i think temperatures down in the mid to upper 60s. that is outer suburbs. northern virginia, way out west. and as you get closer into the more densely populated areas, falls church, alexandria, arlington, then we are looking low tore mid-70s. so not a bad start. plenty of sunshine in that complete outlook. maybe sleeves weather for some cooler areas. right now temperatures still beautiful here tonight after a warm day. 87 in fishily, here in washington. and hotter tomorrow and then we need to talk about a chance of rain. i'll talk about that in our complete forecast in a few minutes. >>> we have a reminder about a commuter alert. for metro, five stations on the redline staying closed for track maintenance but the takoma, forest glenn, wheaton and glenmont stations are scheduled to open tomorrow morning in time for the rush hour. >>> the tuesday after labor day is one of the worst traffic days of the entire year as the
Sep 10, 2010 6:00am EDT
devon lucie. >> no aberrations in the forecast. another beautiful day coming our way. we will take you in to maryland where you are in the a 0s. rising quickly toe the 60s. annapolis you are a little warmer hugging the bay and same with easton and salisbury. in the 70s by this afternoon. i'm saying node upper 70s. that's where we should cap things off. not the 88 we had at reagan national. hager towns way, 73, 74 for a high. in western maryland you will be hard to break out hoff the mid to upper 60s for highs way out there. the latest in silver spring as we focus on maryland's roads heading eastbound at university and dennis avenue. some police activity going on. losing the right lane. stay left to get by. witch over to 270 southbound. watching drivers fill out quite a bit from germantown road to montross. and quickly looking a connecticut and bradley boulevard where obviously everything out here is all clear. happy friday, everybody. the time is 6:09. 9 news now will be right back. xc >>> we are back with a look at psychedelic mushrooms or medical mushrooms. they are not an illicit dr
Sep 10, 2010 5:00am EDT
years and who knows how much longer. >>> as you said, devon, we certainly know about fault lines. we learned about that earlier this year. >> ours weren't really hidden. you have slight movement here and there. never see something like a seven here in washington, d.c. it would have crazy an wild for that to come here. weather wise, a beautiful end to the week. as we head to the weekend, looks just the same. there is a chance of rain. let's see on the next three days. i think overnight saturday through sunday. looking good. temperatures a little warmer than today. 77 for a high. near 80 tomorrow an then i think we will hit 80 on send. cloud cover leading to afternoon sunshine. i will have more on that forecast in a second. let's go to the bus stop forecast. the first school week here for northern virginia cool start for the day. moms, make sure we have a jacket here. 58 to 59 for the coolest spots and make sure we have sleeves by the afternoon. from the 50s and 60s to the 70s this afternoon. the rest of us this morning, from the 60s rising quickly in to the lower 70s by
Sep 2, 2010 5:00pm PDT
cindy tran. one of the workstations is empty today at devon salon. a client came by and she had tears in her eyes as she talked about her hairstylist, cindy tran. >> whenever you walked in there, she would call you by name and she would say, hi. there was never any bad thing about her. she always talked about her sons and... [ crying ] >> i just can't believe that somebody so evil could do something like what he did. >> reporter: tran's coworkers cried today, too. these two say efren valdemoro the man police call tran's boyfriend and killer was quiet, on occasion he would pick up tran or bring her lunch. >> just a normal person. i mean, just a normal person. we never thought of him capable of doing things like this. that's why we're kind of like shocked. very shocked. >> reporter: flowers were left at the salon today and also delivered to the hercules home where one of tran's sons lives. in a soft-spoken voice, he told us the family didn't have anything to say. his mother, police say, owned the home on crepe myrtle drive where 37-year-old ricardo sales was found bludgeoned to de
Sep 16, 2010 6:00pm EDT
. >> devon thomas did not play a single play last week but he did return two kickoffs for 76 yards giving the team excellent field position. if thomas will not be involved more in the passing game or not, but devon wants to play. >> it is what it is. i'm trying my best to get out there and putting my best foot forward, trying to be humble and keep my head up and not being down but it's hard especially for my third year and i want to be a major part of this offense. i know i can be a major part of it. just got to keep doing my thing on special teams. >> major league baseball has upheld morgan's eight game suspension for a series of events that col minutated in brawl with the marlins. the league threw out his previous 7 game suspension stemming from an incident with fans in philly. he was find 15 grand. >>> yankees, d rays, 7th inning, spins away from an side pitch. although the pitch hit his back, jeter acts as if it hit his forearm. he umpire said he was hit and awarded him first base. was it cheating or gainsmanship? you decide. >>> tonight we have a special edition of the fox 5 g
Sep 30, 2010 12:00pm EDT
of another wave. devon is circling it for you. and east of town you are not even close to out of the woods just yet. go to live doppler now and see the totals again. rainfall totals are daily records. 2.28 at reagan. and over three and a third inches at bwi. the totals around town, three inches. pretty much the norm. four inch toll the west in fairfax but down to the south look at these totals to the south. this is unbelievable. 11, 10 inches of rain and round two is just around the corner. look at these totals around saint mary's city, sixes, ten inches an reedville. unbelievable and the problem is, well, we are not done yet. we still have heavy rains over that area. still very heavy rain through saint leonard, lusby, sane mary's city and this will be something we will be following all day with 9 news now. 9 news now crews will be down there. this is epic flooding and i think it is epic flooding. we have a picture sent in to us. solicit these pictures sent to us at or fill out a storm report. send them in to or you can put them on the facebook and also tweet wit
Sep 10, 2010 4:30am EDT
weather center with devon lucie. good morning. and beautiful morning. >> another great start to the day. i hope you have given the air conditioner a rest out there. even if you don't have a breeze, when it cools down, this is where you get temperatures in the a 0s, upper 40s for some and it doesn't matter. you are going to cool down eventually. another one of those nights tonight as we head to the weekend, but it will warm up a little bit. mild here today. nice as we head to the weekend. but there is a chance of rain moving back in. i'm going to bring this overnight saturday in to early sunday morning as we will see in the forecast. the bus stop forecast. first start that off. temperatures will be a little cool out there. for some of us upper 50s from the 6:30 to 7:30 hour. a few of us closer to downtown will be 66 degrees. a light jacket, maybe some sleeves this morning. going to shorts and t-shirt weather by this afternoon as temperatures warm up to the 70s. we will be cool. the coolest spots in the lower to mid-50s rising quickly through the 60s and low 70s. this after
Sep 10, 2010 4:00am EDT
bernstein again enyouing another day off. devon lucie is in. good to see you again. >> i'm surprised. my first thought is andrea going to be in knowing, a huge saints that she is. >> i did not watch because i knew i had to get to sleep. >> i saw the kickoff and that was it. i will have to check out "usa today," our sister company and see what happened there. i'm curious. >> they won, that's all. >> no point in me looking it up now. >> few 50s and 60sin the warmest spots. a lot of 50s in montgomery county, fairfax county, 56 sterling. temperatures just outside of dc are cool again. there's the transition time of the year. temperatures dipping down. fall-like temperatures. of course we are officially a couple of weeks away from starting that season. >> it is nice this morning? rolled down the windows and rolled in to the station under 60 degrees the hair blowing in the wind. can you tell it is friday? we are all in a fabulous mood. hope you are too. a little boo-boo to tell you about. a wreck at silver spring. university is closed at dennis avenue. you want to use edge canwood as an altern
Sep 30, 2010 4:00am EDT
to live doppler 9000 hd. devon lucie is driving the controls this morning. you can see the rain falling in the area. the yellow and orange areas are really coming down. some one to two inches an hour and everything is lifting to the north at 20 miles an hour. the heavy stuff to the east across eastern prince georges, calvert counties, as well. this is coming from southern maryland where they have really been hit hard. another area of moderate rainfall to the north through montgomery county, loudoun county and lifting to frederick and carroll counties on i-70. a lot of rain out there. as we zoom in you will see the heavy showers in and around the metro. upper marlboro south and east coming down, cats and dogs and jason in the chat room said guinea pigs and everything at the same time. let's switch over to the storm totals from what we have been watching. locally you see the bands of the heavier totals to the west but southern maryland n to the northern neck, we have seen some numbers down there -- doppler estimates in the six- inch category already. that's this rainfall from the
Sep 6, 2010 11:00pm EDT
own face into the hood of a truck. we're going to explain this bizarre stunt after the break. devon. >>> well, cool tonight. not quite as chilly as last night. great weather continues. wakeup weather forecast not quite as cold start. temperatures in the upper -- 60s and 70s. i've got your bus stop forecast for all of the kids going back to school in northern virginia when we come back. look at all this stuff for coffee. oh there's tons. french presses, expresso tampers, filters. it can get really complicated. not nearly as complicated as shipping it, though. i mean shipping is a hassle. not with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. that is easy. best news i've heard all day! i'm soooo amped! i mean not amped. excited. well, sort of amped. really kind of in between. have you ever thought about decaf? do you think that would help? yeah. priority mail flat rate box shipping starts at $4.95, only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. but you wouldn't want an antique computer. or an antique tv.
Sep 30, 2010 5:00pm EDT
. how many times have we said, don't do this. i said it seven times yesterday, howard said it, devon said it. it's stuff you shouldn't do. he has no idea how deep it is. there could be a hole. >> and somebody has to come rescue you. >> all right, let's go to the computer. all right, forecast first. for tonight, here comes round two. flash flood watch has been extended. heaviest south and east. 1 to 5 inches additionally. i'm not copping out here. there will be a sharp edge where the precipitation is an inch or less. as you go eastward, it gets heavy quickly. winds out of northwest at 10 to 20. it will turn after midnight. satellite picture, radar combined, here's our first batch which is hammering upstate new york. our second batch is now pulling ashore across north carolina and eventually it's going to roll into here later on tonight and tomorrow morning. and this is the batch, right here, that we're worried about later on tonight. rolls in here and produces another round of flooding and unfortunately, our friends of the south and east are in the cross hairs again. now for a look at
FOX News
Sep 17, 2010 9:00pm EDT
straight than devon nunez a republican congressman from the once agriculturally rich area. in his new book he offers fresh and innovative ideas and how to tackle all of the menacing problems threatening the future of not only california but the entire nation. joining me now california congressman devon nunez is with us. good to see you. >> great to see you again. >> sean: the water hasn't been turned on as aside on top of what 13% unemployment, income going down for the people of california. so goes california, so goes the country? >> that's part of the reason why i wrote this book. people need know that the politics in california have been exported to washington, d.c.. i wanted to point out all the problems that we faced in california and how those relate to the same problems that are going on now and how we are drifting to this social utopia that i have a little familiarity with. when you see water cut off. unemployment in my district close to 20%. the community you were in almost 40% unemployment. >> sean: and the government because of that fish we just showed you the delta smelt t
Sep 18, 2010 6:00am EDT
three years ago devon thomas was the second wide receiver overall taken in the nfl draft. taken anyredskins with the 34th pick opinion now thomas is battling to get on the field. thomas was hoping he would see some time to get houston on sunday but in the season opener he only played on special teams. thomas is the fifth wide receiver playing behind moss. he's been relegated to a kick return role. he averaged 38 yards on two kickoff returns in game one against the cowboys. looked pretty good even though thomas contributed to the win he does have mixed emotions. it is what is it. i'm trying my best to get out there. putting my best foot forward. trying to stay humble. keep my head up. not be down. it's hard. especiallthis is my third year and i really want to be a major part of this offen. i know i can be a major pat. just got to do my best. >> all right. devon thomas saying all the right things. also a chilen's book drive at fedex field on sunday. there will be collection bins all over the stadium. maryland and west virginia, renewing their football rivalry today. hasn't been mu
Sep 6, 2010 5:30am EDT
louisville. justin harper and brian madison and running back curtis sttel. and the tackle devon tyler. prince miller who was cut yesterday could be added if he clears waivers..3ú ú%am in a back and forth nail biter. cal ripken was on hand to throw out the first pitch. we will bring the by anniversary of the ty lou gehric's. and matt choice thinks he has a play on it. he keeps going on to the flag court. patterson gives the birds a 4-1 lead. in the 6th, evon longoriaa crusses to the center. does he have itt no. hh just, just misses it. the home run, passed. longgria aa2-run shot. later in the 6th, that mall way out of here and up to 14, the number 2-run. josh belle at the plaa with 21. he ground it up the middle. craig and trucking up the core for seeonn. he tumbles into the place to tie the game at 5. next, batter ryan, he took the team acc be but he can't make 3 play on it. he had to wait to see who was caught. gary allison and he drives in safely before the ball goes in. they take the lead. 6-5. on the next pitch, nick markakis, takes it back to the fox. josh is bell, he comes up
Sep 10, 2010 12:00pm EDT
sweet moments new from pillsbury. in the refrigerated section >>> i'm meteorologist devon lucie with a quick look at the forecast. culpeper near 80. stuck in the upper 60s in gaitherburg. in the 70s before long with bright sunshine here today one or two clouds we have them around 10:00. a few more clouds in to saturday, too but a bright sunny day for the most part. clouds late in the day and sunday morning early we get showers to arrive. much-needed rain showers coming in. i think the rain is in here and then out of here by the noon hour. sunshine noon and beyond should get us in to the lower to mid- 70s. cooler day and cooler rain. by the time you get to the afternoon, by the time land and parking lots still up tailgating is looking fine. look out for the morning rain if you have planned church services or congregational services like that you have to be prepared. sunshine late in the day. the next two are perfect. 77 for the high today. a little cool with a breeze from the northwest. 10 to 15 miles an hour but not as strong as yesterday and the high fire danger a little less b
Sep 1, 2010 7:00pm EDT
other big stories to follow, including hurricane earl. devon lucie in for topper tonight in the weather center with more on where this thing is headed. >> we just had upgrades to tropical storm warning for delmarva coast. let's look at the hurricane warning, from cape hatteras and the outer banks of north carolina and then as we move up, a tropical storm warning for ocean city, rehoboth and even bethany beach and this is mainly for the early morning hours on friday. i'll talk about where earl is headed and how strong he will be and our complete forecast here when 9 news now at 7:00 comes right back. above my child's education. it's cool how the union makes it almost impossible to fire bad teachers. it's impressive how my dues money supports politicians i don't even like. dc's teachers union has failed our kids, played politics, and now is threatening to file a lawsuit to block recent progress. find out more at thanks, teachers unions. >>> back now with the latest on campaign 2010 in the district. the wife of mayor adrian fenty fought to maintain her
Sep 20, 2010 5:30am EDT
bears. the bears down four, jay cutler of the vanderbilt university goes up to devon hester, makes a great one-handed grab for a touchdown. they reviewed it, it stood. bears put it away in the fourth quarter. bears win 24-17. cowboy 0-2. michael vick getting the start for the eagles. he looked good. 13 seconds left in the first half. vick throws a bullet to maclin, a nine-yard pass. 21-17. philly holds on for a 35-32 win. a wild one in washington. texans and skins. game tied at 27 in overtime the redskins had a big league. they appear in overtime to drill a game-winning 52-yard field goal. how many times have we seen this lately? gary kubiak calls time out before the snap. so they line up to do it again. let's see how he does on the second try. lines it up. and pushes it to the right. texans later drive the field, set up a game-winning field goal for neil rackers, he drills a 35-yarder. texans steal one, 30-27 over the redskins coming back from a 17-point deficit. >>> yankees looking to sweep the orioles at camden yards. andy pettitte back after two months on the disabled list with a
Sep 6, 2010 6:00pm EDT
end of the week. >> thanks, devon. >>> had some friends that headed out to the crab bowl and not to eat. >> no. maryland and navy. it would be nice if they gave the winner a bushel full of crabs. it's the renewal of a great rivalry that isn't a rivalry. the terps and mids get it on as we speak. and donovan mcnabb returning to redskins practice while big al gets demoted today. and 15 years old ago today iron was forged. we'll look back at a great day in baseball history. >>> they have dubbed it the crab bowl. because maryland and navy are the only two college football programs in the state of maryland with campuses 30 miles apart so would think they would be bitter enemies. but they have met just once in the last 44 years. but that changed today. renewing the rivalry. navy a bold team a year ago. maryland 2-10 a year ago. but the terps struck first. terrell scott, the terps up 7-0 in the first and extending that lead. magot, the son of former giant, straight up and terps lead. but navy would not roll over. the end of the third, the quarterback ricky dobbs on the keeper, right tackle
Sep 28, 2010 5:30am EDT
much. >>> still ahead on "way too early," monday night drama in chicago as devon hester's return magic, and jay cutler give the bears a chance to beat the packers in the last play of the game. we will show you the monsters of the midway and if they can stay undefeated. >>> and pseudo controversy on "dancing with the stars." some say it sounds like sarah palin was booed when she was on the show last night. we will break down the tape. that important story and a check on weather when "way too early" comes back. >> working closely with my administration, congressional leaders from both parties produced the emergency economic stabilization act. a bold bill that will help keep the crisis in our financial system from spreading throughout our economy. [ male announcer ] the turn changes everything. ♪ the turn will make you think. ♪ make you re-examine your approach. change your line. innovate. and create one of the world's fastest-reacting suspensions, reading the road 1,000 times per second. it's the turn that leads you somewhere new. introducing the new 2011 cts-v coupe. from cadi
Sep 3, 2010 11:00pm PDT
as jennie to her co-workerses and clients at devon's salon. she cut people's hair for a living, but she was also a friend. >> she was so warm and wonderful. >> she is a special lady. she will be missed. >> 73-year-old ricardo worked as a security guard at the bank. >> and ricardo. he was a wonderful man. he always had a smile. he is so gracious. >> police believe cindy's boy end from -- boyfriend murdered ricardo because he thought ricardo was getting involved with cindy. they believe he strangled cindy before he was shot to death in a confrontation with police. >> it was senseless and the violence was senseless. i still don't know why it happened. >> cindy's co-workers organized the vigil for the two victims. more than a hundred people attended. >> what they represented was true friendship. >> cindy tran had four sons ranging in age from 14 to 21. her friends set up a fund for the boys. they say cindy was a devoted mother. live in vallejo, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. >>> police believe he also may have killed salas' son frederick. he is still missing. investigators sea
Sep 28, 2010 5:00am EDT
. they made a huge mistake. kicked it right to devon hester. he hit the hole, there he goes. 62 yards to the house. his eighth punt return for a touchdown in his career and the bears were up, 14-10. but the packers would answer. aaron rogers scrambled and he scrambled, and he called his own number. dove for the pylon, and he was in for the score. a gutsy play, and the packers led 17-14. final seconds, tied at 17. bears milked the clock. robbie gold came in and nailed a 19-yarder. bears remain undefeated with a 20-17 win. >>> some sad news from the football world. hall of fame quarterback and kicker george blanda passed away yesterday. he played pro football for 26 years, retiring one-month shy of his 49th birthday. he place for the bears, colts and oilers, but will best be remembered for his years with with the raiders. >>> baseball, yankees and blue jays. this is not how you want to start a game. a stumble off the mound. that's an unusual first pitch. with a start like that you can only get better. at one point he struck out seven straight. he finished with 9 ks. blue jays put up fiv
Sep 4, 2010 11:00pm EDT
, 28 yards. he'd like a do-over. devon porsche stepping in front of the pass like a 911 turbo. oweman with a huge win 28-7. the terps have a new athletic director. kevin anderson comes to college park after seven years in the same position at west point. terps play navy monday, host morgan state on saturday. the bears open tonight, a 14-7 victory over bowie state. morgan's 14 points come thanks to four field goals and a safety. facing the wild card leading rays, the bucs having a night. orioles take a 2-1 lead. b.j. upton with two on to end the fourth. base hit to right. wiggington, baseball coming hard, the throw is there. the tag, though, as you'll see is not. this is josh jaso swinging, can't get it done. stay with us for a checkf >> warming up quick. beatriz capra, playing the third round of the u.s. open, she went out today against sharapova, but a great effort to get to the third round. >> absolutely. >> lots of sunshine this weekend. tomorrow and on labor day, sunny, 77 tomorrow, 83 on monday, gets kind of hot a little humid tuesday and wednesday, cool front comes in. t
Sep 4, 2010 6:30pm EDT
tonight at 11:00. devon thomas made the team, the third year wideout. he didn't assert himself as a go-to target for donovan mcnabb but good enough. brandon banks made it. the little fella showed good wheels on kick returns but also dropped a couple, too, but it was good enough. >>> the university of maryland has confirmed to 9 sports that kevin anderson will officially be named athletic director on tuesday. he held the same position at westpoint from 2004 to this year. he will be the first african american ad at college park. now anderson has nearly two decades of leadership experience in athletic administration. serving as associate director at oregon state and cal. he replaces debbie yao who left for nc state in july. anderson will oversee 27 terrapin sports programs. >>> how about college football today? mountaineers opening up against coastal carolina. gino smith getting a start to jd wood on 4th and 4. 7-0 mountaineers. smith said it would be a little anxious today but, he had it rocking out. to jacque sanders, stein yards tore the score. west virginia wins it 31-0 after strug
Sep 7, 2010 6:00pm EDT
string, devon thomas demoted down to the third string. >>> of all the maryland fans who were psyched, athletic director may be the most psyched. a, because there's nothing like getting a win on your first day of the job and anderson comes from army and you know how army guys love beating navy. following 16 years under -- he becomes the first african american ad and made his number one priority crystal clear. winning with integrity. >> we can compete to win, because the university of maryland does not finish second. we finish first in everything we do. and i stress our ultimate goal is to provide productive citizens for our country. >> here here. meanwhile, over at virginia tech last night's heartbreaking loss to boise state. here is the res of it. >> here's your u.s.a. today top 25 coaches poll presented by sprint. the now network. >> kept its hopes alive. can we still call them an under dog? alabama maintains the top spot in the poll while the broncos leap forward and take over number three. oregon cracks the top ten for the first time this season. the hokies fell to number 13 after
Sep 17, 2010 11:00pm EDT
lost 9-1. >>> devon omas was the first taken by the draft. now thomas is battling just to get on the field in shanahan's new team. he was basically the fifth wide receiver. last night's game plan, armstrong, galloway and williams. he's been relegated to a kick return wel. thomas did do that well. he averaged 38 yards on two kick returns and looked pretty good. even though thomas contributed to the win, he had mied emotions afterwards. >> it is what it is. i'm trying my best to get out there, putting my best foot forward, trying to keep myead up and not being down, but it's hard, especially it's my third year and i really want to be a major pa of this offense and i know i can be a major part. i just got to do my thing on special teams. >> keeping a good attitude. high school football, most teams played their games early this afternoon or early tonight to accomdate the jish holiday. this one all aboutrevenge. both teams 2-0 coming in. last year c.h. flowers beat them coming in. no score in this one. buoy with the ball on their own 25-yard-line. t. k. jordan plays a quick back. he has j
Sep 2, 2010 6:00pm PDT
, friends and family we saw today are mourning cindy tran. one of the workstations is empty today at devon salon. a client came by and she had tears in her eyes as she talked about her hairstylist, cindy tran. >> whenever you walked in there, she would call you by name and she would say, hi. there was never any bad thing about her. she always talked about her sons and... [ crying ] >> i just can't believe that somebody so evil could do something like what he did. >> reporter: tran's coworkers cried today, too. these two say efren valdemoro the man police call tran's boyfriend and killer was quiet, on occasion he would pick up tran or bring her lunch. >> just a normal person. i mean, just a normal person. we never thought of him capable of doing things like this. that's why we're kind of like shocked. very shocked. >> reporter: flowers were left at the salon today and also delivered to the hercules home where one of tran's sons lives. in a soft-spoken voice, he told us the family didn't have anything to say. his mother, police say, owned the home on crepe myrtle drive where 73-year-old rica
Sep 1, 2010 6:30pm EDT
news now. >> all right. scott. and devon is telling us there can be beach erosion there, storm swells there and definitely some showers and storms but hopefully not enough to completely dampen your plans if you do have plans to go down that way. >>> we want to refocus our coverage and get you back to the "discovery" story. the hostage situation is over. the hostages that were taken, three of them, are safe. but the gunman is dead after hours upon hours of negotiating did not seem to work. >> that's right. our derek mcginty has been field anchoring all of this after coming upon the scene literally just a few minutes after it all started and giving us a play-by-play, as you kept getting more and more information, dribs and drabs by the police. now we're getting a clearer picture of what happened there. >> we are indeed getting a much more clarified picture of exactly what went down today. it was in essence four hours of hell here in downtown silver springs, folks running all over the place, folks very afraid. somebody holding three hostages indecide the discovery channel and ever
Sep 4, 2010 11:00pm EDT
devon did make the team. he wasn't spectacular but did return kicks and displayed a do anything attitude that probably helped him. despite dropping a few, brandon banks showed enough wheels to make the team. also at 6, we said tight end logan paulson was cut but actually made the team. that was our mistake. logan paulson actually made the team. >>> university of maryland has confirmed that kevin anderson will officially be named athletic director on tuesday. he held the same position at west point from 2004 to this year. he'll be the first african- american a.d. at college park. his football program going to face navy in the renewal of the state rivalry monday afternoon. navy's going to win. the teams have only met twice since the johnson administration, as in lyndon johnson. navy's going to win. you can imagine everyone's tweaked up to see it play again. >> he can't go anywhere without somebody messing in the navy game. i'm in the great state of maryland. excited about the type of football we have here. you have two strong universities going against each other. i think everyone
Sep 12, 2010 11:00pm EDT
will have that story coming up. >>> devon has your monday morning wake-up weather. stay with us. it's time for a mayor who will end the cronyism and bring our city together. vince gray. his economic development plan will help expand small businesses and create jobs. his record of reform and accomplishments earned him the praise of newspapers across the city, citing gray's leadership and efforts to pass education reform and expand early childhood education. vince gray -- he cares. he listens. he'll be a leader we can trust and the mayor we need for one city. >>> as sandra hughes reports tonight, as many as six people still missing. >> reporter: for those who witnessed last week's explosion, but still have a house left standing, it was a shocking homecoming. >> you are literally two houses away from obliteration. >> yes. i feel very lucky. >> reporter: jason lee's deck was hit by flying chunks of debris from the explosion. >> reporter: other homes had no damage, but days without power ruined a refrigerator full of food, small and convenient. >> reporter: while residents whose home
Sep 3, 2010 4:00pm EDT
still feel tropical weather. storm chaser devon tepore traveled up the coast. >> i was going to go to north carolina. i thought, how often do you get the chance to come chase a hurricane? >> reporter: while this town is used to nor'easter, new england hasn't seen a hurricane in more than two decades. in chatham, massachusetts, randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> earl could be the first hurricane in near threeley two- - nearly two decades to threaten the new england region. to get more information, live updates, go to >>> there is disturbing news about the nationwide egg recall. did health inspectors ignore complaints? >> reporter: two workers at two farms at the center of the recall say agricultural inspectors ignored complaints. they said they reported problems such as leaking manure and dead chickens to usda investigators. they said they were told did to go back to work. but the usda says that they never heard from the workers. there has been a recall of more than 500 million eggs. >>> so far, no tainted eggs have showed up here in maryland. >>> would you ever cons
Sep 16, 2010 5:00pm EDT
come into compliance. >> reporter: devon said the county business practices aren't sound. >> do what the rules require. >> there was a mixed group and older people and even people with kids. so i think it's a nice neighborhood. >> i don't know who is right and wrong, but hopefully the majority of people will say, let it stay. >> reporter: in arlington county, surae chinn, 9 news now. >> now the owners are working with building inspectors to make the $50,000 changes next year but arlington county will not give them a temporary pass. the owners plan to open up tomorrow night despite the violations and they could be fined as high as $5,000. a building inspector could have the authority to shut them down. for more stories from where you live, go to, find your community in the list, in that section, and keep up with what is happening in your neighborhood. got a story, contact us and be a part of the team where you live. >>> abraham lincoln's cottage on the grounds of the old soldier home received much- needed tlc. after sam waterston joined 75 volunteers from hampton h
Sep 23, 2010 9:00pm CDT
involved in that crash. that stretch of devon was closed for some time. >>> a garbage dumpster turns out to be a terrible place to hide from police. >>> also the gop drafts a formal pledge to america. >>> diabetes patients may lose their medication but it could also save li he's single, he's great looking and i'm going to introduce you in two weeks. he's a dentist so whiten your teeth. no coffee, no espresso. mm-hmm. ♪ [ female announcer ] crest 3d white toothpaste. the remarkable toothpaste that removes up to 80% of surface stains in just two weeks... hi. i'm paul. [ female announcer ] for a noticeably whiter smile in just two weeks crest 3d white toothpaste. also try crest 3d white rinse. ♪ dr. scholl's back pain relief orthotics with shockguard technology give you immediate relief that lasts all day long. dr. scholl's. visit our facebook page to save $3. we'll see about that. glade lasting impressions. two complementary fragrances alternate to keep things... fresh day after day. and not just for 30 days. um... okay. our longest-lasting plugins air freshener lasts for 60. well,
FOX News
Sep 8, 2010 4:00pm EDT
increasingly lost. all because the president's economic pick meups looking like a cause walk. tom devon is founder of real clear politics. did the needle move today based on big initiatives out of the president in ohio today? >> i don't know. obama is in campaign mode. definitely in sort of an aggressive attack mode. he called minority leader boehner out by name today, which is highly unusual. is it going to be enough to sort of turn the tide? i think the sort of dynamics of the election mac mack macro lee set and i don't know if there is anything he can do in the next eight weeks to change that. >> i don't know how speaker pelosi feels about this but mr. boehner is a popular guy in ohio and thin aggregate. is there a risk of taking a well regarded son even if he is not seen as true blue of democrats and calling them out by name, isn't that risky? >> i think it is a little bit. and it is some what unprecedented. look, obama has to have a foil. he is trying to draw contrast here. trying to make frame the election as a choice between two competing visions. the democratic vision and the repub
Sep 16, 2010 5:00am PDT
morning. detectives seem to be concentrating on the area near devon and ashbury. dispatch sent police out here around 2 this morning. what we understand is a man was walking along the street. he looked very suspicious. they thought he may have been wanted for a warrant. the man turned around and opened fire. the officers shot and wounded him. no one else was hurt at this point. we understand there will be a briefing in about a half hour. they are trying to gather as much details as they can so they can pass along that information to us. all we know right now is this was an officer involved shooting and one man was taken to the hospital. we don't moe the extent of his injuries. in about 30 minutes we can give you an up did a. jade hernandez. >>> 90 people have been working without a contract for 13 months. >> if they don't move from where they are, the chances of a strike are absolute. >> we need to be able to have contracts that are fair to the people who also work in the hotels but own them. >> the union disagrees saying rates are up. they will decide if there will be a strike
Sep 3, 2010 6:00am PDT
bruises on his face after that attack. >>> employees of devon salon and spa where valdemoro's girlfriend worked will be holding a memorial for her tonight. they'll gather to remember her at 7:00. police say valdemoro strangled the 46-year-old mother in her car. the memorial will be at glenn cove shopping center in vallejo. count on nbc bay area news on air and online for continuing coverage of the killing spree. >>> a federal investigation is under way this morning into what caused a plane to plunge into a redwood shores lagoon killing three people. kimberly tere is live this morning in redwood city. kimberly, federal ajgents will have a lot of witnesses to talk to. >> that's right. this happened close to the lunch hour and this lagoon is surround by businesses close to that airport. as you can imagine, plenty of people saw the plane go down. it happened about 30 seconds after takeoff. the twin engine beach aircraft took off from the san carlos airport, again just before noon yesterday. head to the san martin airport in south santa clara county. according to witnesses, it reac
Sep 15, 2010 9:00pm CDT
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Sep 7, 2010 5:00am EDT
it would be devon megan. son of david megan. they led 17-14 in the final minute. if they score here they win. but their quarterback ricky dobbs gets stuck and the terps hang on to win the crab bowl by three. >>> out at redskins park, donovan mcnabb returned to practice for the first time in two weeks the took full reps with the first team and should be ready to go. haynesworth is demoted to the second team in practice with team sources saying that haynesworth will not start on sunday and could be deactivated and his team makes are sick of talking about it. >> i'm tired of that, man. if haynesworth is done with we are good, he is a big part of the team. >> he is a beast when he plays. >> time to move to football and not worry about that stuff. it will take care of himself. he will be there when we need him. >> reporter: hush mansa da will be joining the ravens. he was released by seattle last week. seahawks for $7 million. >>> the nationals picked up the 60th win. each of the last two years they just won 59 total. nats and mets, tied in the fourth. michael morris a little flair in th
Sep 3, 2010 5:30pm PDT
. devon able to pinpoint 1 a. area here. they're going through 3,000 t of trash here and back in these hills right behind me they have concluded that they are wrapping up the search for today and they will be back tomorrow. that is go ahead and roll some video and walk you through why they're here. >> the search for frederick solace landed here >> we continue to be helpful but we also have to continue it to follow the lead as they come. >> this is that lead. the escalade had been a partner for some time in the north shore business park. police did as thorough check of the park. they found no clues. the trash had already been picked up from the park. that is what brought the investigators to look through the trash from the business park and because the park was so close to the home where he was killed and because they knew that area so well >> is the work for a private security sandino's the area very well. >> police will continue to search as long as it takes to go through all kinds of trash. another thing we have learned today as well is that they did find the tell you of our route fo
FOX News
Sep 4, 2010 8:00pm EDT
of fame. here with a medley from the show, travis, as frankie valle, devon may, peter and jeff lebo. the jersey boys! [ applause ] ♪ ♪ >> ♪ you're just too good to be true ♪ ♪ can't take my eyes off of you ♪ ♪ you'd be like heaven to touch ♪ ♪ i want to hold you so much ♪ ♪ at long last love has arrived ♪ ♪ and i thank god i'm alive ♪ you're too just too good to be true ♪ ♪ can't take off of my eyes off of you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i love you baby ♪ and the if it's quite all right ♪ ♪ i need you baby to warm the lonely night ♪ ♪ i love you baby ♪ trust in me when i say ♪ oh, pretty baby ♪ don't bring me down ♪ i pray ♪ oh pretty baby ♪ now that i found you stay ♪ and let me love you, baby ♪ let me love you ♪ you're just too good to be true ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ ahhh ♪ walk ♪ walk ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, ♪ walk like a man ♪ you better walk like a man ♪ ♪ talk like a man ♪ walk like a man my son ♪ calling on the earth ♪ walk like a man my son ♪ ooh, ooh, ohh ♪ ahh ♪ walk, walk, walk, walk ♪ ooh, o
Sep 3, 2010 5:00pm EDT
will still feel tropical weather. storm tracer devon to porec traveled to cape cod to see earl up close. >> i go up here. and said, how often do you get a chance to come in to the northeast and chase a hurricane? >> while this town is used to nor'easters, new england hasn't seen a hurricane in more than two decades. in chatham, massachusetts, randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> stay with wjz 13 for the latest on hurricane earl. get forecast updates and to sigh live doppler radar, go to >>> in other news tonight, a botched abortion leaves a teenager in critical condition. it happened in elkton, cecil county. suzanne collins reports, the state has suspended the licenses of two doctors in -- and ordered another to stop practicing in maryland. >> a cease-and desist order on the door. the trouble began when dr. micola riley performed a failed abortion on august 18th, perforating her uterus and cutting her bowel. the state has just suspended the doctor's license. and also the license of an 88- year-old doctor dispensing medicine at the clinic. >> the report that came to u
Sep 24, 2010 12:00pm CDT
been identified as 26-year-old jenny from plainfield. police say she was driving west on devon when she crossed the center line and collided head on with a toyota corolla and a taxi yesterday. the taxi caught fire and the driver was taken to the hospital. he is in stable condition. the driver of the other vehicle hit was treated and released for his injuries. the woman was ejected from her car and pronounced dead at the scene. >>> and four people are injured after a man opened fire on them last night in the humboldt park neighborhood. three men and a woman were standing on the 3200 block of west division when a man came out of an alley and started shooting. le the woman was shot in the back and is in serious condition. two men are in good condition. the fourth man refused medical attention. police are looking for the shooter. they did not gave motive for the attack. >>> man is charged with murdering an eighth grader in the woodlawn neighborhood. 19-year-old kordell glover due in bond court today. police say he shot three people ten days ago. police say glover shot 14-year- old chris
Sep 3, 2010 5:00am PDT
devon salon and spa where valdemoro's girlfriend worked will hold a memorial for her tonight. they will gather to remember tran at 7:00. police say that valdemoro strangled the 46-year-old mother in her car. the memorial will begin at glenn cove shopping center in vallejo. >>> this morning a federal investigation is under way into what caused a plane to crash into a redwood shores lagoon killing three people. kimberly tere is live in redwood city this morning. we understand federal investigators will have a lot of witnesses to talk to. >> reporter: that's right. this happened close to the lunch hour and this lagoon is surrounded by businesses and is very close to the airport. as you can imagine, plenty of people saw this plane go down. it happened about 30 seconds after takeoff. the twin engine beech air raft took o aircraft took off just before noon yesterday. according to witnesses it reached an altitude of less than 1,000 feet when it banked sharply and went into the lagoon. a 91-year-old world war ii veteran is among the three people on board who was killed. robert borrmann who
Sep 1, 2010 6:00pm PDT
incident. now, dana, we are also finding out that cindy tran worked at devon's salon and spa and that's on robles way in vallejo. we are just not clear yet, though, on what her role or what her job was at the salon. >> so many dead. sherry hu, thank you. >>> well, fire crews this afternoon quickly contained a grassfire at american canyon. fire broke out just after 3:00 p.m. near via montelfino. chopper 5 can show you how quickly flames were racing up the dry hill side. the fire burned close to homes there. however, no structures were damaged. more than 100 firefighters were called to the scene along with cal fire choppers. fire burned about 30 acres before it was put out. >>> the condition of the fremont police officer who was shot in oakland last week has improved. officer todd young's condition has been upgraded to serious but stable. pretty good news for people who turned out for a blood drive at young's high school alma mater. len ramirez at santa clara high. len. >>> reporter: none of the students in the room knew officer todd young of the fremont pd but knew he was from san
Sep 2, 2010 12:35am EDT
very feel good story. i'm very proud to be part of this movie with a hell of a cast. devon graye played my younger brother, patricia clarkson is in it, danny glover is in it. >> jimmy: danny glover, i love him. >> and it really, really is something you'd be able to watch and go out of the theatre feeling good about yourself. >> jimmy: we have a clip from "legendary" -- >> let's roll the clip. >> jimmy: take a look. john cena. ♪ >> cal, get up. back straight, back straight. go with your back straight, that's where you get your strength. then you circle. look at my left leg. take your eyes off it, look at it. and when you're ready to make your move, halfway through, switch it around. tie me up with the right. with your right leg on mine, you keep me from panning out and you take me down. you understand? >> yeah. >> here. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i love when he's like -- "i just took you down." i love -- it was shot in new orleans, right? >> yes, it was. >> jimmy: that's cool that you're giving back to that city, that's awesome. >> wonderful place to shoot. >> jimmy:
Sep 27, 2010 2:00pm EDT
state students. devon, what do you have for us? >> hey there, tom. welcome to michigan state university. spartans are undefeated. they're a little giddy around here, tom. but i think as secretary duncan noes in michigan we feel doubly pinched by this problem trying to make it less reliant on manufacturing. we have a real problem in michigan of losing our best and brightest, hanging onto our young people let me bring out a senior. just about on the launch pad. you question for the secretary. >> you mentioned money as an incentive for inner city teachers to come to the inner city. and, i was wondering what besides that would be your incentives? i'm a product of detroit public schools. those types of urban districts, teachers really need motivation to stay and get there in the first place. >> let me be very clear, tom, money is only a small part of the answer here. i would strongly encourage her to come back to detroit public schools. that's a school system that desperately needs reform. definitely needs the next generation of talent. far too many young people in detroit, 50%, 60%, drop ou
Sep 20, 2010 5:00pm EDT
devon rawls, bill fisher and richard booker. investigators say they still don't have a motive or other suspects in the cases and they are waiting on evidence to be analyzed at the michigan state police crime lab in four other murders abuelazam is suspected of committing. >> we will do everything we can to see these cases are one so that you can have the closure that you need and that way you can lock this fellow up forever because that's what justice requires. >> that was amy lang reporting and this case is far from over. abuelazam is suspected in three attacks in leesburg, virginia this year, two of them with a knife, the third with a hammer. all of the victims survived. they are also looking at abuelazam as a possible suspect in a deadly stabbing last year. >>> following a massive fire underneath a new york bridge. the flames burning the wooden pilings under the 138th street bridge this afternoon. check out this thick plume of smoke coming from that area. the fire shut down commuter rail service between manhattan and the northern suburbs for more than two hours. the rail servic
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